Maline Wennberg, Hypnotherapist and Coach

maline wennberg« It's a natural gift that Sebastien has, reaching out towards others. His sense of observation and analysis, combined with his ability to listen and to adapt, allow him to customize his interventions and to provide the athletes with a "tailored coaching". This is particularly useful to get the very best out of their performances.
Passionate, curious and open to new ideas, he is well aware of the impact of the psychological side of a performance.
That is why, in, addition to the technical and physical preparation, he offers athletes the opportunity to develop their mental skills.
This helps to create between the tennis courts and the mental preparation genuine synergies.
Sebastien's interventions, both focused on the technical progress, the acquisition of mental skills and personal development, offer athletes an innovative and optimal frame for their growth, and to flourish and enjoy themselves. »